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This is a Blog Post. This can be used to connect with your fans on a more personal level. It’s “you” or a specific band member writing about something interesting to them. Regardless, it’s a conversational way to engage and grow an audience.

Good blog posters can earn money from their blogs. as their audience grows advertisers are willing to pay for ad placement on the bloggers page.

A good blog is one in which the postings are regular and fresh. Minimum two postings per week, preferably four per week.

Don’t start a blog if you don’t think you can sustain it – there’s nothing worse than a stale blog —> it informs your reader that they’ve run across a dead, irrelevant site.

If you and your band can brainstorm once a month during a rehearsal about who’s going to be blogging what; and you can develop a little rhythm around it, a blog can be very useful and not too hard to do by sharing the workload.


Your friend Bradley

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